What's New

New: Added Ruby 2.2.9, 2.3.6, and 2.4.3 .

You can now use any of these new Ruby versions. Just visit your Server's Ruby versions tab, install the new version(s), and then set the version number in your repo's ".ruby-version" file and redeploy your app to use the new version.

New: Two-factor Authentication.

Make your account even safer by enabling Two-factor Authentication. You'll use a one-time password generated on your phone along with your email and password to make sure your account is extra secure. Visit your Account tab in Settings to enable it.

New: Cron Job Support.

Cron jobs are now supported out of the box for new apps using the Whenever gem. Just add it to your Gemfile and define your cron jobs in schedule.rb and they will be automatically updated each deploy.

New: Ruby 2.4.2, 2.3.5, and 2.2.8 support.

These new Ruby versions fix several vulnerabilities in sprintf, WEBrick, RubyGems, and more. You can now install these Ruby versions on your servers and update the .ruby-version files in your apps to use the latest!

Update: Automatic cleanup for old releases.

Now when you deploy your app, Hatch will automatically keep the last 5 releases and clean up any older ones than that. This keeps your server nice and organized so that old release aren't taking up too much disk space.

Update: Dynamic deploy script templates.

Previously our deploy scripts for apps and Nginx configs were hardcoded. Now you can use %{var} syntax to dynamically insert values like your domains, your app name, and your Rails environment into the scripts.

New: Deploy from custom Git hosting.

Hosting your app somewhere other than Bitbucket, GitHub, or GitLab? No problem! You can now deploy from any git hosting. Just select "Custom" when deploying a new app and add the server's deploy key to your Git host so it can check out the repository during deployment.

New: Custom Bash Scripts.

Ever wanted to install some tools on your servers without having to SSH into each machine? Now you can! Write your own bash scripts and then choose which servers you want them to run on. The results will be logged to the server's History tab so you can see the output when it's finished running.

New: Deploy to any VPS.

Don't want to use DigitalOcean? Now you can deploy to any VPS provider. Just setup a server on your provider, add it to Hatch and install the SSH key on the root user and you're all set.

Update: Realtime logs.

Ever wondered if your server or app deployment was stuck? Now you can watch the realtime logs to keep an eye on what's happening!

New: Backups Beta.

You can now easily enable backups for any of your apps with Hatch. They are powered by the Backup gem which provides a ton of options for backing up your databases and files, storing them safely, and sending notifications upon completion or failure. Check it out in the Backups tab in your app to get started.

New: ElasticSearch Beta.

You can now setup ElasticSearch on your Hatch servers with the click of a button. This is in beta now for anyone who wants to try it. Just head over to your Server's ElasticSearch tab to read up on the RAM requirements and enable it.

New: MongoDB Beta.

Ever wanted to deploy an app that uses MongoDB like Errbit to your Hatch servers? Now you can! It's in beta, so expect some bugs but you can find more information out in your Server's MongoDB tab!

Update: New server page layout.

It should be easy to see what's going on with your fleet of servers, so we updated the servers page to also show you the apps deployed to each one. It's much clearer to see what's going on now that it's all in one place!

New: Notifications when your app starts deploying.

You can now get notifications of when a new deploy was triggered just by leaving Hatch open in a browser tab. This is super useful if you're running git push and want to know when your deploy starts.

Fix: Expand Let's Encrypt Certificates.

You can now add additional domains to your app and have Let's Encrypt expand your certificate to include the new domain(s). Just add the domains to your Hatch app and then click "Update" on the SSL tab to expand your Let's Encrypt certificate to the new domain(s) you just added.

New: Database Tab.

If you've ever wanted to connect to your production app's database using Postico, Navicat, PgAdmin, or another database tool, you can check out the new "Database" tab in your App to see all the details for connecting to your database via SSH. 🛢

New: Sidekiq Support.

Most apps need background workers these days and there's nothing more popular than Sidekiq. You can now enable Sidekiq for your app in the Sidekiq tab. This sets up a systemd script that makes sure that Sidekiq is running at all times. We also take care of automatically restarting Sidekiq during deployments so the background job code is always up-to-date.

New: Separate Redis Databases.

Each app now gets a dedicated Redis database on your server and assigned a REDIS_URL environment variable that points to that database. This means you can rest easy knowing that if you deploy multiple apps to the same server, all your ActionCable, Sidekiq, and other Redis-backed tools will stay nicely contained to only their app.

New: SSL support and editable NGINX configs.

SSL has been a high priority on the list, but we've also wanted to make sure you can easily tweak the NGINX config for each app to add things like redirects in. You can now do both! We support both free SSL certs via Lets Encrypt and the ability to upload custom certificates. We'll install the certs and then update your NGINX config to use those and enforce SSL on your Rails app.

New: Rails Log Retrieval.

It's always a pain to SSH in and retrieve the logs to see what happened when you get a 500 error. We've added a Rails Log tab to each App you've deployed to easily retrieve the last couple hundred lines of your logs with just a click.

Fix: Bitbucket SSH Keys.

The Bitbucket API is a bit finicky but we figured out and fixed a bug where it wouldn't allow us to upload your server's SSH deploy keys to your account.

Update: Added Ruby 2.4.1, 2.3.4 and 2.2.7.

You can now install three new Ruby versions on your servers. Adding new Ruby versions is now a piece of cake. 🍰

New: Webhook Deployments.

We added an easy way for you to toggle deployments via webhook when you push your code to Github, Bitbucket, or Gitlab. Check it out in your app's Repository tab.

Update: MOTD and Firewall.

Added a message of the day (MOTD) when you SSH to your server with some handy tips. Also enabled a firewall by default to secure your servers even more out of the box.

New: Hatch Launched.

Launch day is a big deal. We started out with just a few basic features that allows you to get your DigitalOcean servers configured with the click of a button.